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    Welcome blessed being  to Luna Stargoddess, I'm Rhonda.
Thank you so much for being here it truly means the world to me ♥


Luna Stargoddess was founded on July 20, 2012, just after New Moon in Leo under Ravenwood Magic. I was previously Countess von Belfry, designing and sewing my own clothing and making jewellery until an event completely changed my life.  And so the roots of Luna Stargoddess was born. The first time I created jewelry with clay was in 1991, Polymer clay art had a revival and the excitement of making my own jewlry was ignited, I made earrings, leaves, with wooden beads that I wore religiously right up to the new century.  I'll be making earrings again in 2022. 


This website was launched on New Moon in Leo, 'Lionsgate'  8/8/21. 


The beauty and energy of crystals have enabled me over the years to value the art of self inquiry, because often we are told a Crystal holds special magic and by simply holding one or being near one, as if by osmosis magic happens ... however that is not how energy works. Crystals are focus tools, they embody and represent what is whole, without compromise, without fear, without human involvement,  of  the abundance, the limitlessness that is the magic of Life. Because you are Life. I believe in the power of  intention,  the mind is a powerful tool,  and your ability to transform energy from one state to another  accessing the heart and mind, wisdom earned from empirical knowledge is limitless


The sacred remembering of the feminine principle into the masculine embodiment of  self knowledge. 

Creating is a gift that I am grateful for, honour and respect,  celebrate every day,  and  have been creating all my life. 

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in the hands so I consider it a blessing to be able to create while I still can.


I create physical focus tools you can wear and work with every day for all kinds of reasons that specifically involve self-reflection and true freedom from additional fear from the conditioned mind by reconnecting with your own true nature, past the mind/body  identifications, past the cravings, past the hate, greed, ignorance into the source of calm silence, peace and flow that is always available, where you are available to hear your own wisdom. If you will only just love and accept yourself as you are.

“That is, to be ourselves causes us to be exiled by many others,

and yet to comply with what others want

causes us to be exiled from ourselves.”

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

To create something for someone unknown, energetically,  is a sacred process of co-creation. 

I literally only create when called to, because the creation itself is a co-creation that must undergo a process that is aligned correctly or the creation lacks the spark of life and the keeper will not respond to the creation.  It appears to work with energies of the Collective, what I sense is creating a void or a forgetting. I create together with the energy of the Universe at the right moment it advises.​ I can't adequately put this into words, so I create..

The Turkish people have a word for this, it is 'merak', and it describes the passion and love, devotion and undivided, unadulterated attention given to something with your entire soul.

I love Life, the Earth, Nature, animals, the stars and Planets and being Australian, water.

My art is influenced by Art Nouveau and the 60's Psychedelic movement, Dali., surrealism, Johfra Bosschart - Astrology art. My music is the 60s. 


These incredible,  colourful Crystal and minerals  friends that were created deep in the darkness of her belly long, long ago to help us remember our true selves. We can forget that a crystal we connect with  is in fact millions and millions of years old and how the chemical components that created a crystal or mineral are identical to our own body vessels that we live in too.  Creating for me is cathartic, healing, I am able to express many things unsaid as I create and over the years I have heard from customers consistently how something I created has also stirred old memories or emotions to arise, prompting crisis and a desire for embracing, understanding, healing,  when working with my creations. I take my creating process seriously in that the intent is pure, made with love.

"The universe is female.

Women have total access, they're already there.

Women are portentous fliers;

they have a second brain,

an organ they can use for unimaginable flight."

Giuditta Tornetta

Crystals are focus tools for inner reflection.


I wear crystals every day to stay focussed and aware of the specific emotion or thought I am desiring to understand in order to cultivate inner peace with what is. That means allowing the dark, uncomfortable thoughts and feelings without seeking to change them, but to investigate. 

Everything I create, I create with all my heart, being, with love, gratitude, star fire. 

My guardian is Black Panther, moon is Scorpio, Life number is 22. 

I thank you for  supporting my work and my dream, and celebrating life in all its forms, shadow and light,  together.

At your birth, a seed is planted. That seed is your uniqueness,
it wants to grow, transform itself and flower to its full potential.
It has a natural, assertive energy to it.
Your Life's task is to bring that seed to flower, to express your uniqueness through your work.
You have a destiny to fulfill.
The stronger you feel and maintain it
- as a force, a voice, or in whatever form,
the greater your chance of fulfilling this Life's task and achieving mastery.

Robert Greene 'Mastery'  

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