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Luna Stargoddess is on an extended break

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Welcome, blessed being,  to Luna Stargoddess, I'm Rhonda.

Thank you to my beautiful customers who support my childhood dream of creating and running my own business offering beautiful art that I co-create with the Universe with my heart and hands for the  celebration of life by embracing the unloved, unwanted parts of your human self and becoming whole again - remembering who and what you really are.

Claim your wholeness back again, before the world told you who you are.It's covered by layers of illusion. Look deeply, you'll see! 

“There is strength in your story, even the parts – especially the parts – that you don’t want anyone to know. 

There is nothing holding you back now.

There is no force that can stop you from living abundantly, honestly, joyously except for your own mind.”


~ Elizabeth S. Eiler Ph.D., 'Singing Woman: Voices of the Sacred Feminine'



Luna Stargoddess began as Ravenwood Magic in 2012.   


The beauty and energy of crystals have enabled me over the years to value the art of self inquiry, because often we are told a Crystal holds special magic, abilities,  and by simply holding one or being near one, as if by osmosis magic happens ... however that is not how energy works. Crystals are focus tools, they embody and represent what is whole, without compromise, without fear, without human involvement,  of  the abundance, the limitlessness that is the magic of Life. Because you are Life. I believe in the power of  intention,  the mind is a powerful tool,  it is the forerunner of all things and your ability to transform energy from one state to another  accessing the heart and mind, wisdom and compassion earned through inner reflection, awakened awareness, is limitless.

Creating is a gift that I am grateful for, honour and respect,  celebrate every day,  and  have been creating all my life. 

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in the hands so I consider it a blessing to be able to create while I still can.


I create physical focus tools you can wear and work with every day for all kinds of reasons that specifically involve self-reflection and true freedom from additional fear from the conditioned mind by reconnecting with your own true nature, past the mind/body  identifications, past the cravings, past the hate, greed, ignorance into the source of calm silence, peace and flow that is always available, where you are available to hear your own wisdom.



​​​​​​'The biggest Taboo is embracing your humanity.

Do it. Awaken from delusion and re-unite with pure joy.'

To create something for someone unknown, energetically,  is a sacred process of co-creation. 

Crystals are focus tools for inner reflection.

Everything I create, I create with all my heart, being, with love, gratitude, star fire. 

I thank you for  supporting my work and my dream, and celebrating life in all its forms, shadow and light,  together.

May you be happy, may you be well. 


This website was launched on New Moon in Leo, 'Lionsgate'  8/8/21. 

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