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I am a one-woman operation.
I am the owner, the artist, the creator and do everything!

I ship to most countries from Australia, please inquire before purchasing.

Payment forms accepted are bank deposit within Australia and PayPal, credit card, Afterpay.

Please use 'Cart' for purchase/s. 

Shipping of all items including multi-purchases ship free world-wide on all purchases!

If you require express post internationally or within Australia this will be an additional shipping charge you will cover as an extra.

Please ensure your postal address is correct at the time of checkout.

I will ship to the address provided and it is your responsibility to check the address is correct.

If you have provided an incorrect or incomplete address and package does not arrive,  no refunds will be provided for any shipping costs as shipping costs were not paid by you.

If your parcel is returned to me  due to any reason, I will contact you to organise to ship your item again at an additional cost to you.

It is the buyer's responsibility to cover the shipping costs when the buyer wishes to have a second delivery attempt after the product is returned.

Luna Stargoddess is not responsible for incorrect delivery, postal errors, or incorrect shipping information.

Failure to pick up your item from your local post office within their time-frame will see the package returned to me, so to re-post to you, you will then pay for appropriate shipping costs, which may or may not include insurance and signature on delivery.

I use Australia Post for all shipping because they are the only company that services the whole of Australia.

All Pendants are shipped with "Signature on Delivery"  insurance so that you will need to sign  to claim your package. I do this to ensure that your package arrives safely, doesn't 'get lost' and also insures travel damage is avoided by Australia Post and  ultimately, ensures that we both feel more at ease.

All other items are posted within Australia via regular satchel with tracking number, express post,  or a box - it depends on the item and everything is packaged thoughtfully according to the level of care required.

For example, if you purchase a fragile Crystal or Specimen, it will be posted in a box for safer travel. 

All items not posted in a satchel are posted with insurance to the value of the item/s and signature on delivery.

I am here to help you if a parcel goes missing on it's way to you whilst in transit.

I do not like  like missing parcels and although in almost 20 years of trading online and thousands of items posted,  I have had only one package go 'missing' - it can happen, and will do everything in my  power to help find your parcel because it should be relatively easy to track.

*Express Post guarantee is currently suspended according to the Australia Post Website due to the Covid situation.

Due to Covid situation, International postal times are unpredictable and there are significant delays.

Transit/delivery time is completely out of my hands regardless of what events are happening in the World. 

As it is just me who designs, creates, photographs, writes  and runs this operation, kindly allow up to 3-5 business days for order processing and dispatch. 

I am the type of person who prefers an available connection with my customers so you will hear from me and I am always willing to provide assistance within business hours. 

Your package is shipped internationally, from Australia, so it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country.

These charges will typically be due once the shipped goods arrive at the country of destination.

Such charges are not included in your purchase.

These charges are the buyer’s responsibility as I am only covering the postage and insurance for your order.

Luna Stargoddess does not accept any responsibility towards  these additional charges that may apply.

The buyer is responsible for obtaining information regarding their country’s laws, regulations, and restrictions that may apply when purchasing our products.

By placing an international order (shipping outside of Australia), the buyer is responsible for cooperating  with  their country’s laws, regulations,  restrictions.

If a product is seized and destroyed by customs, or returned to Australia, Luna Stargoddess is not  be responsible for the losses - ie: your product.

I will not click 'gift' on the form, if shipping outside Australia to avoid possible Customs taxes for you because I will be disobeying the laws of my country.

Any additional charges for customs clearance, import duties, local area taxes in order for you to gain possession of your package will be accepted by the buyer. 



All items purchased on sale are non-refundable or exchangeable. 

Returns & Refunds


If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase please contact me  as soon as possible and I  will do everything I  can to assist you and you must contact me within  3 days of delivery.

Pendants and tools are created by hand by me, so my creations will not be factory-perfect, there will be imperfections and are a part of the artistic process. I do not offer anything I will not be happy with myself and I offer my creations in good faith.

Request a cancellation within 2 days of purchase.

I choose by hand what I offer for purchase and offer everything mindfully so there will not be an item offered that is 2nd-grade - unless of course it was offered as 2nd-grade, so it is very important to me that my one-woman operation runs smoothly as possible - and this means quality control is 100%.

I photograph items as it is, I do not manipulate the items,  because I am a customer too.
















Your details are considered sacred and you can be assured that all possible efforts will be made to protect your privacy and Luna Stargoddess will never share your information. 





Creating Pendants and focus tools is therapeutic experience for me.

In fact, I do not just decide to create, I wait to be called to create. 

I wear crystals every day of my life - and I do so with mindfulness; intention,  and so I work with them, wearing them in a talismanic way, because it is just so challenging today to maintain focus and inner peace, I work with crystals to stay in alignment with my own truth.


I create the same way, each piece is a sacred journey, and sometimes I will create a series all alike with different energies but with the theme that is the focus, the crystals assist with the energies required to help us connect to the same energies within. These series are few and far between because they represent more complex matters that take time to evolve, usually it involves the Primal self, animal self and mysterious symbology, like Runic language. 

I don't offer custom because I create for you, when I am called, and I know what is happening as I create, but I do not often know for whom the piece was created.  

Being an Artist, my items are hand made by me and will have slight 'imperfections' which are always visible in photographs - more so due to the cameras today, their ability to zoom in to the finest detail, which in real life with natural eyes, we just do not see, even I do not see until I see the extreme zooming, otherwise we would require a magnifying glass to inspect.  Especially with use of Mica, the particles in paint can make the surface appear rough, yet looking at the results with natural eyes, it can't be seen, just the colour shifting, light reflecting which is it's purpose. The nature of handmade is organic, like life, I may execute my skills, yet life happens, and for me this is exciting as they are made with care and mindfulness and how they turn out is always full of character and uniqueness.  


What Medium Do you use to Set the Crystals?


The setting the crystals are in is made out of an exceptionally hard, durable - but its not unbreakable, blend of clay that I may blend or paint. 



I don't use 'vegan suede' because what that stuff actually is, is plastic.


I like to use very strong little boxes to post your pendants in as they can be recycled, re-gifted or used to store your things in.  

I am able to discuss at length each creation I make, because of the way I create   


All care information is included in your package so don't be concerned about how to care for your beautiful Pendant.




Where are the Crystals and Minerals Sourced From?

I choose all specimens by hand in person from trusted, sustainable sources,  and online the purchasing of Cabochons or smaller specimens.  I  prefer to support families who mine their own specimens who actually own the actual mine, 

Quality Control

All specimens are the best quality I can find and are always authentic and being that crystals and minerals are as unique as you or I, I would never offer anything that feels wrong or is not something I could work with or choose myself.


Since I do choose in person, over 99% of Crystals and Minerals, I am confident that you will be happy with what I chose. I have been collecting and working with crystals for decades and I do work a lot with clear, purple or rose  Quartz called 'Aura Quartz' of different varieties/names that have undergone a process where clear, purple or rose  Quartz has been coated with precious metals such as Platinum to give the surface a gorgeous colour and aura.


Being made of earth as these metals are, the coating enhances the visual effect as well as energetic qualities inherent in Quartz. These types I have studied for years and only offer those that are authentically coated with genuine precious metals such as gold, platinum etc.  


Sometimes a crystal you work with will just simply break. Its important that we care properly for our crystal friends, the work they do can overload them and they simply shatter under the stress of intense energies, like fear, anxiety, grief, anger affect not just the body, but all we are in contact with - everything is energy.


All items are cleansed before posting, with resins, a Singing Bowl or a Selenite Wand, it depends on what it is called for, and all are packaged and sent with gratitude and blessings.











About the Pendants

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