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A Course in Miracles 3rd Edition - Combined Complete Version published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Brand new and sealed. 

This is the only complete authorised version available and within contains: 


*Workbook for students
*Manual for teachers
*Clarification of terms


This 'combined' edition from the Foundation for Inner Peace is the only complete version that includes all of the writings that Dr. Helen Schucman, the Scribe of 'A Course in Miracles', authorised to be printed.

This book  consists of -
*A Text
*Workbook for Students
* Manual for Teachers
 *Clarification of Terms. 

Also included are the supplements 'Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice' and 'The Song of Prayer,' extensions of the Course principles which were dictated to Dr. Schucman shortly after she completed the Course itself ; Dr. Helen Schucman said there is no 'author' of this course because Spirit guided her.


'A Course in Miracles'  is a complete self-study spiritual thought system that teaches that the way to universal love and peace - or remembering our sacredness, is by undoing guilt through forgiving others, healing our relationships and making them holy (sacred). 

Emphasising that it is but one version of the universal curriculum, it uses the language of traditional Christianity, but expresses a non-sectarian, non-denominational spirituality. 

This curriculum is famous for changing the lives of all who have committed to the course. 

A Course in Miracles - 3rd Edition - Complete Combined Version

GST Included |
  • Helen Cohn Schucman  was an American clinical psychologist and research psychologist. She was a professor of medical psychology at Columbia University in New York from 1958 until her retirement in 1976. Schucman is best known for having "scribed" with the help of colleague William Thetford the book this book, A Course in Miracles.  1st edition was published in1975,

  • Softcover  
    Brand new and sealed 
    Contains over 1,200 pages.
    1st Edition Published: 1975

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