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Life is a repeated cycle of getting lost then finding yourself again ...


The Sacred Spiral that is this Galaxy we live in and found all through nature in inherent in this special creation as it speaks of falling in love again and again, the shadows that trick us into believing we are hopeless and limited and everything that is painful, be it mental, physical or emotional, is a curse of some kind, forgetting it all when the spiral journey expands again outwards, forgetting to bless and be grateful for the darkness. The energy of the Age of Aquarius is the Ammonite, its fossilised form remains for us to work with more than 240 million years after they became extinct in that form, though the the living Nautilus species still exist, they just changed form.


Fossils are used metaphysically to bring harmony, accessing knowledge of past lives, and clearing karma. Full of the energy of the Cosmos, its appearance helps us to remember this Spiral journey and that all things change form and that although fossilised, the energy is unspoken, its a connection with all life and accessed via your energy connection with it to become one.


Atlantisite is soft so you will always see cracks in polished pieces as it is notoriously challenging to polish. Atlantisite is Serpentine with purple Stichtite and  is a guardian stone that will assist you in keeping true to your values while you practice your spirituality.  Atlantisite is a spiritual healer in that the green and purple reminds us of the importance of compassion and kindness and trusting intuition over anything else, our inner compass. Stichtite helps to identify unresolved emotional issues. A superior specimen as is the Ammonite which exposes it's beautful crystals within. 


Atlantisite & Ammonite Heart Guardian Pendant

GST Included |
  • This pendant has a little bit of weight due to the Ammonite's size and measures 6.5 cms / 2.5" 

  • Comes with brown natural strap fully adjustable to suit everyone.

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