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Rainbow Moonstone and Selenite 'Awakening' Pendant, in shimmery mermaid hues of blue.


A larger piece, this one was created during a New Moon in Gemini. 


The Moonstone is Rainbow, however the blue is more dominant.


Moonstone represents the energy of endurance and inner confidence borne through patience and nurturing. A willingness to be patient with yourself, extending friendship to yourself, a kind word, an embrace that accepts all of you and soothes and stills energies that threaten inner peace. 


Selenite's energy is said to stimulate calmness, mental clarity and dispels negative states of mind. In orb form here, hand-carved.


The orb here can serve as a reminder to first seek peace within, to remember we are on a spinning rock in space and there is only here and now. All you seek is within.


Awaken to the moment as it is, without seeking to change it,  and you'll remember you have, and are, all you need for peace right here right now. 


With genuine Swarovski crystal.


Free Insured Post Worldwide.

'Awakening' Flashy Moonstone and Selentite Pendant

GST Included |

    8.5 cms / 3.4" in length 


    You have a choice of brown natural strap or stainless steel chain. Otherwise you'll be able to thread your own chain through provided the loop clasp is not too large, which is the case with sterling chains.

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