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Mother of Witches and Dark Nights of the Soul Goddess Pendant. For the Plutonic or Scorpionic witch.



The Morrigan is a powerful archetype of Nature's cycle of  birth, death, sex, destruction, and fertility. A transporter between life and death; a birth Goddess and a death Goddess and moves the soul through these cycles. An oracular, prophetic spirit who can reveal destiny. The triple source of power needed to regenerate cycles, to take one from life to death and from death to life again.


Larvikite  is an enchanting stone with an otherworldly appearance. At one moment it appears grey and black, in the next, magical, flashing blues and silver from deep within.  Larvikite may flash like Labradorite, but it's actually a unique type of Monzonite, an intermediate igneous intrusive rock,  that comes primarily from Larvik, Norway.


It is distinguished by its inclusions of plagioclase and alkali feldspar which create its characteristic blue and silver flash.


It reminds us not to identify as the energy, the skulls remind us we are but flesh and blood and the earth body is a temporary vessel, but to remember the light that we are, the spark of electricity that animates the earth body and the secrets that lay hidden behind the veil. 




Larvikite  Mother of Witches Morrigan & Skulls Pendant

GST Included |
  • Pendant measures almost 10 cms/4" in length


     Necklace is black strap, fully adjustable so will fit everyone. 

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