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Equanimity  is the ability to maintain inner peace and composure. This means to not attach to ideas or beliefs held that would distort reality as it presents itself in each moment. A willingness to extend compassion to yourself and others, remembering that we are all experiencing the same conditions of Nature in this body we live in. 


Labradorite traditionally encourages in-tuition, to not attach to the chatter of the mind (Ego) and go deeper to investigate the truth. It's protective energy is reputed to assist us in trusting intuition as opposed to views and opinions of the Ego construct, which is a series of habits and personal views not based in fact.


Amethyst is also a protective energy, it's energy concerns soberness of mind, restraint and again, trust in intuition and not the habitual patterns of the mind. Amethyst is worn to access the 3rd eye - Ajna in Sanskrit, going right to the source of wisdom within.




Gorgeous carved Labradorite which resembles an eye, the all seeing eye radiating wisdom and calmness. 


Free insured post worldwide 

Equanimity Labradorite and Amethyst Carved Pendant

GST Included |
  • 7 cms / almost 3" in length 

  • Comes with a black strap, fully adjustable to fit everyone.

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