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'Gladden the Heart, Brighten the Mind' - Golden Rutilated Quartz shooting golden rays of light and a vivid rainbow, with Larimar. A smaller pendant, unisex, for inspiring gratitude, joy, and infusing the mind with light, peace, trust with the heart.


Golden Rutilated Quartz's energy is to stimulate catharsis, allowing yourself to feel and experience emotions and remember love, and by doing so, actioning on purpose gratitude for who you are, the heart experiences happiness and the mind is reborn from the light it witnessed. 


Larimar represents inner wisdom and wise speech with an open heart and throat flowing together. 


Free Insured Postage Worldwide 

'Gladden the Heart, Brighten the Mind' Rutilated Quartz & Larimar Pendant Unisex

GST Included |

    6 cms / almost 2.3" in length 


    Comes with a brown strap, fully adjustable to fit everyone.

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