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'Presence' - to be present in the here and now, this moment, this breath, courageously trusting with an open heart and not listening to the mind's opinions on how things are or how it wants reality to be. To be present in the body vessel, with loving attentiveness. 


Charoite is super rare, and amongst the vivid purple channels are chatoyant, seemingly moving parts, like sparkling rivers of energy flowing. 


Malachite represents the energy of a Bodhisattva, a heart of pure strength in love and compassion.

The treasure you seek is within. 


A meditative creation for inner reflection accessing the heart and intuitive knowing.


Free insured postage world wide 

Presence Charoite and Malachite Pendant

GST Included |
  • 7.5 cms / 3.5" in length 

  • Comes with a black strap, fully adjustable to fit everyone.

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