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'Allow the Truth and Beauty in your Heart to Grow Like a Star'   
                                                             ~ Luna Stargoddess

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I acknowledge that I live  on  the Traditional land of the Dharawal who are the Traditional Custodians. The Gweagal-Yora-language speaking clans are  said to be the guardians of the sacred white clay pits on their Territorial Land. These are the 'Fire People'.  They used the clay to make body paint, medicine and when mixed with local berries it was also used as a dietary supplement. The whale was the dreaming figure for the Dharawal and an integral part of their community and beliefs. Dharawal rock paintings, engravings, stencils, grinding grooves, shell middens and rock shelters are present throughout the Dharawal area. I pay my respect to Elders both past, present and emerging.

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