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Aquarius  pendant for Aquarius  Sun Sign, Ascendant or Moon sign.



One of a kind unisex



In Astrology, Aquarius is attracted to, likes and seeks the unusual in life, because its ruled by planet Uranus whose orbit is unlike any other planet in our Solar System - it rotates sideways and in its own unique way. So Aquarius is unique, and like Libra and Gemini before Aquarius, the roots of Aquarius and the Air element, Uranus is the planet of higher knowledge, the higher expression of Mercury, and known as the great liberator. Out of the blue, shocking, liberating events happen with this planet, and these people.  People often see the image of the Aquarius pouring water from a vessel (the identification with the earth vessel  in its lowest form which is the Primal brain) onto the earth and think its a water element, however the water represents the emotions, the Aquarian releases the emotions in order to correctly channel information and express it, to protect the integrity of air and being the 3rd of the Air element, it has mastered the Air element.  



These Uranian folk like anything the mainstream folk have classified as  weird and can see the value in these  non-pedestrian norms. They impart messages that liberate us from the illusions the mind creates on the mental plane and help humanity by breaking through the delusions. 

Aquarius rules house 11 on the Zodiac wheel and its here where we connect with the other, also where our dreams comes true in the world with others. It is the sign of friendship, humanity and inclusion. 



Aquarius feels sort of separate, because they can see far ahead, like a seer, their knowledge is without emotion and razor sharp. Emotions are not a friend for Aquarius, they remember the issues emotions can bring and so prefer to not get involved in human histrionics like dramas of all kinds that are purely Ego, they prefer to connect in a higher way with people and life. This is why they can seem 'weird' as you will not ass Aquarius or one with strong Aquarius in the natal chart, oozing emotion unless its absolutely called for.



 Amethyst  is a violet variety of quartz when during it's formation, deposits of Iron were involved.



And a genuine Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystal twinkling a rainbow of colours. 



The Mandala  represents the spiritual journey of the human, starting from outside to the inner core, through layers of conditioning of mind and brain wiring of the human animal, to return to the source that one already is. The mandala journey signifies the transformation of  of suffering into joy. It can also be used as an aid to meditation, helping the meditator to envision how to embody and identify with Life as it is. The Mandala can be seen as the embodiment of the Buddha, Ganesha or ultimate healing of the Karmic cycle of Samsara. 


Unisex because Aquarius is genderless, identity-void and non-personal (ie: Ego) 


I am an Astrologer and these perceptions were written by me. 

Astrology AQUARIUS Pendant Amethyst Unisex

GST Included |

    Pendant measures 8 cms/3" in length


    Necklace is black strap, fully adjustable so will fit everyone. 

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