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Ceridwen is the Welsh Goddess of the Moon, transformation and rebirth.  Her cauldron symbolises knowledge and inspiration. She is both Mother and Crone and her wisdom is in the consistant stirring of the elements, together, each nurtured and included, all valid and useful. She tends to the elements carefully and with complete devotion. Her cauldron is a portal to beyond what the human eyes can see. 


Labradorite has been used throughout time whenever 'The Sight' was needed. It is a beautiful energy that helps transmute negative energy into light, that is, to remember we are all one on this planet and it is the Primal mind that percieves separation. Labradorite's colours are within, they are not on the surface of the stone and require light source in order to see the colours. It means that we must make effort to see the light, so Labradorite is a special stone for we humans who are seeking to retain gratitude for the beauty that the Cosmos has provided - all we need do is look with the right view with the right kind of eye.  Gazing into this vivid Labradorite is like gazing into the cauldron itself, a portal past the veils.


Copper is an electrical conductor and electricity is energy, so I have painted this piece a beautiful vibrant copper with pitch black contrasting which I have applied muted golden tones, all which have Mica particles included. 



Ceridwen's Portal Flashy Labradorite Pendant

GST Included |
  • Labradorite Crystal System is Triclinic.  


    Atoms formed  three axes, all of them are unequal in length, none of them are right angles to each other. Its shape is three dimensional like a cube, but it has been skewed or inclined to one side making it oblique. All crystal faces are parallel to each other. 



    Labradorite is a feldspar gemstone. It often displays a beautiful iridescent play of colours, which can move as the stone is rotated.


    Labradorite gemstones usually have a dark base colour with metallic-looking colour plays of blue, green, yellow, and red. This iridescent effect is commonly known as labradorescence, and is named after this stone. It is caused by internal fractures that reflect light back and forth, dispersing it into different colours.


    Labradorite in a white matrix is often called "Rainbow Moonstone". 

    Spectrolite is a particular variety of Labradorite from Finland.

    Labradorite got it's name by Missionaries on the Isle of Paul, near Nain, Labrador, Canada.

    The Eskimo Inuit people, Canada's First Nations believed that the Aurora Borealis was imprisoned within the stone and the Northern Lights were missing from the sky and locked in the iridescent stone.

    Only when a warrior crushed the Labradorite, were the lights set free and returned to their rightful home.

  • Pendant Measures just over 7 cms / almost 3" 


    Necklace is black natural strap, adjustable to fit everyone. 

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