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This piece is a truly magical creation infused with the strength of fire and water, a divine balance of energies that are uncontrollable, helping us to accept them and regain our sense of balance and joy while strong energies are visiting.


Amethyst Spirit Quartz is encrusted with hundreds of smaller crystal termination points so it is sparkly and immediately uplifting when we look on it's beauty. It is a compassionate stone facilitating transition to other states of being with ease. A protective energy, it helps us to focus energies and align with our true state of being. 


Larimar is born of fire and water and is very rare now. Its power is in balancing the emotions and spirit, it encourages peace in the mind and body and helps us to  remain calm and relaxed when dramatic changes take place in our life.

'Divine Union' Larimar and Amethyst Spirit Quartz Pendant

GST Included |
  • Larimar Crystal System is Triclinic ~  Atoms forms three axes, all of them are unequal in length, none of them are right angles to each other. Its shape is three dimensional like a cube, but it has been skewed or inclined to one side making it oblique. All crystal faces are parallel to each other. 

    Larimar is a blue variety of the mineral Pectolite.

    Pectolite is not a rare mineral and is found throughout the world, however  the exquisite sea-blue colour exhibited in the Larimar variety is incredibly  unique, and  only comes from one place in the world - the  Dominican Republic, and is virtually the only gemstone to be found in the entire Caribbean. 

    Its gorgeous sea-blue colour is reminiscent of the Caribbean seas.


    Spirit Quartz is also known as Cactus Quartz due to its  Botryoidal and Folded formation structure. 

    It is a silicon dioxide mineral and it has an unique formation nature where a central candle- shaped crystal, with a faceted termination at the end is covered with spiky crystalline growth around the body  and iridescence on its crystal faces.

    These crystals are predominantely  Amethyst or Golden Yellow and only found in one place inthe world, Magaliesburg, South Africa.

    A tiny amount of iron makes Quartz purple, that we know as Amethyst. 

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