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Hypersthene is dificult to obtain in bracelet form in such a size and there is limited stock.


According to metaphysical lore, Hypersthene grounds our energy  in an attempt to shield from over stimulative energies by reminding us to dim the light when required,  so not to attract unwanted energies. The flashing sheen appears at certain angles, then hides again, so is useful for contemplative Meditation too. 


Hypersthene Nugget Bracelet

GST Included |
  • Hypersthene is an Orthorhombic Crystal structure.  
    Orthorhombic is a group of crystalline solids whose crystals have three mutually perpendicular axes that are unequal in length.

    Hypersthene is a member of the Pyroxene Group of minerals and the name "hypersthene" comes from the Greek and means "over strength".

    It is found in igneous and some metamorphic rocks as well as in stony and iron meteorites.


    It displays a brilliant silver-grey metallic sheen, or schiller, much like Labradorite when rotated to certain angles, though has the same origin as the bronzy sheen of bronzite, but is even more pronounced in Hypersthene. 

  • Bracelet is stretchy so will suit  Adult sized wrists of all genders.

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