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A beautiful smaller pendant representing the Spiral journey back to the heart to feel and experience all of life in our own unique way. Malachite and Amethyst with swirls, a protective Amethyst guiding the way home via Intuition and deep crevices, the inevitable falling into the places that we cling to that don't serve us however we cling, believing that it is a strong, true refuge - because its an illusion of time, that if we hold on, we know who we are. When we believe the mind though, we fall into the darkness of memory and imagination and we can get stuck in fear and anger. If we connect to our inner knowing, the space of no words or thought, our natural inner compass, we can use the experience to search the heart, by feeling and discovering that it is here where mind and heart connect. Leaning into the emotions quietens the mind chatter and ensures we are present in the temple that is this body form. Malachite is a very strong energy to ensure that courage and strength can be found if you just stay in the moment and feel. 


Free insured post worldwide.

Malachite and Amethyst

GST Included |

    6 cms / almost 2.3" in length 


    Comes with a brown strap, fully adjustable to fit everyone.

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