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Persephone is the ancient Greek Goddess of spring and innocence who was cursed to be both the wife of Hades and the Goddess of the Underworld. Daughter of Demeter, Goddess of the harvest,  sacred law  and the cycle of life and death. Persephone was abducted by Hades, God of the Underworld and forced to live in Hades with him after he tricked her into eating  Pomegranate seeds that sealed her fate, the pomegranate being a symbol of the indissolubility of marriage.


She ended up learning to love Hades and after her mother Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture and Nature,  created chaos on earth in her grief, causing the seasons to stop, freezing everything over (until hell freezes over) until a compromise was reached. Persephone was able to spend half her year in Hades and the other half on the earth. The story of Persephone is both brutal and empowering. Embracing the unpleasant parts of life, the darkness of Winter, the light of Spring,  ensures that the light can always be seen. 


We can all relate to the pain and joy in life  and I created this pendant to honour the human journey of heartache and happiness - Persephone, Goddess of Hades and Spring. 



Malachite has the ability to serve different purposes for different people. For those highly evolved and dedicated to humanitarian purposes, it assists in grounding higher energies onto the planet for those purposes. For those in a purification process, Malachite acts as a purger and a mirror to the subconscious, reflecting into the conscious mind that which needs to be cleansed.

Malachite can be a powerful ally for those waiting for their reality to change. It reminds us we have come here to co-create with the Universe, and helps in identifying the steps necessary to bring dreams, visions and wishes into physical reality. By doing so, we tap into infinite peace with both dark and light!


Painted with beautiful soft golden bronze tones that is  tawny and subtle. 




Persephone Queen of Hades and Goddess of Spring Malachite Pendant

GST Included |
  • Malachite is a Monoclinic Crystal structure.

    Atoms forms three axes, all of them are unequal in length, none of them are right angles to each other. Its shape is three dimensional like a cube, but it has been skewed or inclined to one side making it oblique. All crystal faces are parallel to each other. 


    Malachite is a powerful green copper carbonate hydroxide mineral  that is green due to the Copper content.

    Malachite is a deep green opaque gemstone with parallel bands and concentric rings, giving it a unique appearance. Its significance dates back to the ancient Egyptian and Greek civilisations, and its use has been important throughout the centuries. Malachite has historically been worn as a healing gemstone. It was used as a protection against the evil eye and given to children to wear to protect them from having nightmares.


    The famous Russian Malachite deposits were historically worked for use as a gemstone and carving stone, with Malachite being especially used in the house of the Russian Czars.

    Copper is a conductor and excellent for energy redistribution, so is considered a Feminine energy and green corresponding to the heart space. 

    Malachite is not toxic in polished form so is safe to wear and handle this pendant. 

  •       Pendant Measures -  10 cms / 3.5" 


    Necklace measures approx 56 cms / 22" to be worn longer on the body, in bronze chain. 

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