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This piece is made with raw Amethyst and Aura Rose Quartz.


The gorgeous hues of the Aura Rose Quartz are nurturing in energy and encourage a perception of gentleness.


Rose Quartz is powerful for attracting what the heart seeks.


Amethyst is traditionally worn to encourage sobriety of mind and emotions, for protection and trusting the richness of your inner guidance.


'I allow the pain and joy of the world to be felt by my heart.'

'Tender Heart' Rose Quartz Aura and Amethyst Pendant

GST Included |
  • Genuine Aura crystals begin as naturally-occuring crystals that are placed in a vacuum chamber that is heated to 871 °C (1600 °F) , and then genuine metal vapor that ranges from real gold, silver, titanium or niobium is added to the chamber. The metal atoms fuse to the crystal's surface, and we are left with the integrity of the crystal now coated with an iridescent metallic sheen, and is a permanent process. Each metal enhances the crystal's outer appearance differently with different colours.

    Be assured that all Aura crystals I work with are genuine precious metal coated.

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