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Who was Artemis and what part did she play in the battle of the Giants? 

Who was the whale-monster Qaqwaii and how did he hunt his prey?

From the fairy tales of our childhood to the Greek and Roman Gods, this well-researched book really expands on the topic of mythology. It includes myths, heroes, places and legends from all five continents, and from the different cultures and peoples found there.

Painstakingly researched over 25 years, this incredible resource provides more than just scholarly information but also showcases the staggering creativity and imagination of our ancient belief systems.


This Dictionary of Mythology is a wonderful and invaluable reference guide to the various myths and legends from across the globe. Dip into this A-Z guide to discover the names of devious gods, enchanted objects and ancient cities, as well as the cultures that these tales originate from.


These myths are taken not only from the familiar Greek, Roman and Norse traditions but also Mesopotamian, Haitian, Tibetan, Native American and many more.

Its value lies in the breadth of mythologies and pantheons included.

This beautiful hardback edition is presented in a handsome slipcase, making a perfect collectable or gift for any mythology enthusiasts.

The Dictionary of Mythology - By J. A. Coleman

GST Included |
  • After a career as a professional soldier, engineer, and surveyor, J.A. Coleman retired in 1986 and devoted his time to playing with words.

    He is the author of a variety of books, including;

    The Complete Guide to Cryptic Crosswords, The Beginner’s Guide to Crosswords, Crossword Dictionary, and Wordmaster Dictionary.

  • Hardcover with slipcase/dustjacket
    Brand new 
    373+  pages includes index
    Published: 2011

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